you are tardy


trying out time as something solid
wine plus gap for hand
leave gap for burn
witches burn plastic
paint loves light
if this was water
low sand in fountain
to fill up garden
on page one I
slower though
when queasy
you still do
armless legless
eyes passed imagination
past my arm
where garden tests
lets drink drown
leave to breathe
sold my tin
smooth and sigh
you trapped conversation
flow off beam off
borrow camera to take
to get through
racket that work
ticket no
you tax man
taming nights inward
if only you would
see the letters

twice on the other hand is
like present time again
leave I will pace
I will pace with wine
I will paint your windows
we'd swim
we swim in the time
such positioning
don't thank you
with soft crowns
leave here
funny that
book the train
the best way
to memory
on halloween
down long water long
I'm ready to drive round
for you
this night cornered mine
you sit like this
low fountain low
walls and ceilings
to time
it nines everything
not going
six tigers
except after sea
so crystal
curl at corners