The Diagram

A man in a dive aspect
A man in a crouch aspect
finger scratching right outer aspect
                                    gets the gist
A man on a pedestal,
on a keystone gets folded.

A blanket of security had smothered B
in a scoop cavity, little more than a puddle
tested range to figure,
as though it couldn't feasibly render
garlands, coils, reels & space-collapsers

            groomed his capsule
            claps on his face:
            print c-range
            print k-range.
Print as he leans into the shallows.

Hollow the air with face
Dip the water with face

A man starts from scratch.

A trusted traveller floats through a quick
processing lane, eye alert
for identification, spreads, picks at
rose buds, rolls & unrolls his cerebral tucks.