#6    Chocolate Chip & Chilli Ice Cream
        "Two worlds. You and me. One word. Us."

1 egg
1 egg yolk
55g caster sugar
150g plain chocolate, finely chopped
550ml milk
1 dried red chilli
1 vanilla bean
550ml double cream
150g chocolate chips

Before me stood a man of broken egg shells glued together with melted caramel. His heart round and yellow, dripping whites. The beat of his steps drew closer turning light.

I've grown bitter-watered out of a red chilli seed blown in from the South, like a vanilla vine I've climbed my way out of death and regret.

In your cracked sticky hands my need of abandon awakes, my soggy ambitions are discarded. Pour onto you.

Beats in cool unison, the seconds whip down their passing by. My darkest secrets in pieces fold and unfold, transformed into ice moths, snow-blossoms of crystal-cut petals. We freeze once more until firm, served in scoops.