at a table two women chat over coffee heads almost touch   sandal-toes dappled in sun

>just around the corner

sea washes away from green-lined river<

>she is walking round

away to blue-wave swirls     rising<

>the corner

tide her time is turning<

>to her past in a mirror

on the swell she is returning to her heart<

>of a window

source to the well-spring where time<

>she is walking

water rose her heart to flood<

>click click clicking     pointing

and beat against a steady clock sand<

>heels of shoes

trickle through the timer and moon fulfils<

>to the other end

its magnetic pull round and whole it holds<

>of town   where her face dissects

a woman’s face (steady and pure its influence) its gaze<

>angles of selves

she is full and white absorbs all colour<

>in mullioned windows and a kaleidoscopic

of her chequered past till a tide takes her in<


scatters her with dappled ripples on the shore and<

reveals the Lady’s stained glass face

flecked in sun from high high up in the West Window