Jewels of the Lost

Ultra violet,
Storm Chaser.
Indi Goddess,
divine demarcation.

White tear soaked dress;
of deep depressions, grasping,
the abject as mulched,
in the sweat of
genuflected immersions.

Beams of Paradise,
behind the eyes.
Millions sigh and glean
the desperate enfolding, a
foetal carnation.
Of the opening flower,
lotus of the spotless
verge, where treads
her bubbling humours.

Irises to this closure,
of twinkling headdress.

Aspiration hits her vibrant
sage horizons. Thus to alleviate,
the wear and woe psychology.
The constituted growth.
Cries of perjury, science sits.
Strife of torn prescience,
conflagrates in the fire, and
quenched by a soaking, Shining Gaze.