Glade of Sun Minds

On the wide plains, horses plough their Stertorian strength, amicable in the rouged furnace of the sun.
Giving life to the eminent company of the ferrules and the clods of earth, spraying as blades, bite the soil in the animated clattering leather hewn harness from the farmed insouciant Seed, that will sprout,
seed that will laminate,
seed to fill life force.
Row, Sentinel in watchfulness breathe and sigh to the soft breezes.

Gentle valley, mournful, eminent to lush witnessing, liberated in the airs of an image of perfect peace.
Pasticheur of iambic symmetry as those with light, suggested marry the unengendered, evenly doctored realism of purposefulness.
Quietude and silent humming of bees, sleepy this frequent journal keep the bowers replete. Sweet origin as endeavour; follicles for the Queen, eggs to fester her soliloquy of verdant abundance. Animated floribundum, busy to the hives, unmolested to feed. What habitation is so subject to such perfection of pregnant life force? Bacchanalian scene of jollity, subtle to their mother love, priests to this natural cathedral. Loves enigma, that too.

The shattering peaceful route is at odds with the martyrdom that has not been built, with the edifice of beckoning greed. Side by plough, buzz the Toltec pride of man’s inhumanity, educated morass, expunge the mystic divine in a superimposed halo of weak and whinnying stances. Why should the mass be lead to the gardenia of expungement? The message, obscure by the rein of cutting steel and flowering blood. Exponents to violate the tranquil state and the juddering ebb of life, flowing to satisfying the beasts. Who masquerade and preen in their splendiferous frocks and chiselled armour. Of obduration and inept thought, freedom like a plague to ensnare the kettledrum of evil.

A nest that discolours, fair earthen ware and millions do die, a panjandrum to the cart, evenness of load even a creature would not pull. Nature leaps in rivulets of reminder, witnessing the honour of empty prating, a palate that loses the taste of plenty to all, acid dissolving as billions now bear the slavery to the loss of those who would consign them to a nadir. A nominal walk on the grasslands of treachery, a removal of all round a beckoning to hellish destination with glee.

Spice to the seasons, despair and stoic incomprehension, an apology empty, and centurion, upright and late. The looks enclosed of serried ranks enforcement of Gold and bloodcurdling leaderene intransigence. What is crying the foul ordure threatening in its inquisition messages of the sundial the shadows cover the eyes to see, the radiance of the life force’s timeless gift. Blinking in the irradiant gleam of force, the exponent of this faith can but marvel that belief threatens the vestments, the seven veils of heavenly mountains. Who would be the pagan elemental, the psyche that acceptance be his belief in the births of beings or the whirring blades of animalism, incomprehensible rage.

In the profile of ancient resignation, bowels the howl of automatons unthinking infusion are not replete; in those to whom a crisis, and already nearby; to death has been travelled before.
The glade of those repressed, does not waver in its glory; magic and vibrant life whispers the sweet reproach. The glow of cosmological suns infuse those still through, aegis of timed centred result. Unbeknown, lead the worlds, the good, immortal message scries.