riding pillion with the tablets

It wasn't the bike a blue & white harley 5 speed 2 cylinder 1450 cc
machine grit guts and God's design flair, it wasn't even riding pillion
balancing one jumbo rock under each arm or the steep descent
down the mount that had me nervous, not even moon craters or
his old age parking permit, it was his flowing white beard strangling
beneath a wheel and throwing Moses and me into a Jack & Jill show
down the hill that really freaked me, and the image of two stone
ultimatums shattered before the people had a chance to reply
his chosen people puzzled as to the identity of the dead stranger
bearing those promised commandments now a jigsaw puzzle.

But you know the story, he was blessed with great skill Moses
we reached the bottom with no broken bones or chipped tablets,
they rejoiced eyes only for their prophet, children checked the bike
queueing for a spin to ride pillion and parcel a story to pass down
to future generations, the once in a lifetime chance on a blue & white
5 speed 1450 cc harley the very bike that delivered the commandments;

as for me I chose the road less stressed and continued on foot inhaling
the land of milk and honey, of snow and alps promise and dreams.