If there is a dragon why does he laugh
If there is a dopper why does it quilt
If there is boln why don’t smith
If I have biscuits then all is ponies
Does gibbon sleeve
How does garry hat on with mildred
Is two times red menthol
Which key symbolizes PRitchard
If the 9 of hearts why doule
Where is quarst, quispy, fintax
What must a terrapin bowling
Which dask is luke
Does zezzy by himslef
How can rye jones
If gland then gand
When does the paste smung
How many half heap then otter
If flinch is then tost
Where was bertie if hair was in the ear
What must one do to understand chilp
Does litter mean pozo
Which way if to from far mount-hill
When did bin become a vitamin
Is second life the same as flying
Was surfer the same principles as milkshake
If nikki wasn’t a kind where was she