Standing Here

You envied her when she was a child. But don’t abandon her. The girl is still hungry. Thank you for the pearls, now I will learn how to walk, how to skim over your skin, or is it earth? I will undo the scars and mend the ruptured words. I hear a command: Let me see you masturbate.

Maybe and I can’t forget; maybe the ideas are my lovers and I have left the present and forgotten that they call this thought, one finger in the flesh, I thought it was war. I can’t. The drugs snuggle in their layer under my skin telling our stories. She shifts away, she can’t see the buildings in front of her. It is all in the smell, or the flesh, or the stinking window and

now you are sleeping on real poetry. Lipstick over the eyes, I don’t need you to kill me. You are charming, plastic, we started walking. Is your body lying? Is your body sick now? Did you carry it internally eternally maternally internally cradled gently? I imagined this.