Hutchinson bespectacled gossip thug
befriended Marston well-off smug
who was quite certain he'd not fail
until he felt Hutchinson's gang betrayal.
H was a very nasty bloke
he had a unique crooked cock.

Pritchard knuckle-jointed lopes
athletic Downs
through cold bath fields
a solitary cell
the three mile run.

Henry's boiling
face at tea mormals
leaking yellow holes all over
noli me tangere grumbling
about the slogs and stodge we ate
through the gullet soft and sweet.

Upon the Dog Lane air-raid shelter
duck's-arsed Coates
virgate with Mary lies.
Henry yearns,
I wish thou had my cullions
in thy hand,
her pity makes him
hunch over his plate
red-knobbed he
chases Pritchard
the five mile run.