Spring harmonic

Mild cloudy-sunny-
day tracts
up which, down which
memory comes, goes
to harmonize
vaguely, distantly,
the tail of it caught
as it goes, at the
side, to the rear,
off from your focus

these accesses
that come to
cloudily, passingly
with the day,
the weather, the
moment of the
season, itself
vague distant
and brought with
the access of
the memory

referencing the
now of the day and
the season
in the disappearing
access of the
non-distinct tract
from to the
in the harmony
of the two,
the day opened
brought to you by
the past,
the past opened
brought to you by
the day

in their disappearing
off coming to
you, in the
pulse that pulses
in the zest
of their
dreamy conjunction
in you.