That theirs was the conscience round one could ascertain from the kick
but the burning man is not a samizdat
the hanging man no fruit :
better your bullet breach the cardiac
muscle thru the hip
flask of fascist spread-eagleist
& bogus cartographer Dr Merkwürdigliebe
condemned for all the moths deceived into alighting on
the ghost of hazmat mantis
Red Adair at play,
the epaulet of Jan Palach's phantom
picking heads off Antirrhinum
: nothing laughs a fresher into bed
like snapdragon ventriloquism :
Dort, wo nan Bücher verbrennt
verbrennt nan an Ende auch Nenschen
i.e. ith I kay thor your drinks all night
oooill you suck ne oth at the end?
. . .
when revels crash cool the peopled kiln
Frau Cratchit whiffles a p'tatapeeler straight
then into the backbreaking
shell of an Easter
woodlouse on mattress of rocket / feeds a family of fifteen
the children receive a rib n a shank
husband salt-wound just a shank
plaster tickles the ivories under soldiers about to stumbleupon
Regina Lisso
not a photo opportunity, private
but she has such Fabergé teeth
the CO stoops to electroplay kiss
convinced Regina's hands will Vogue
all over his Jaws theme face
nylon fingers
perfect for picking the studs from the upholstery
like a girl chastised in the fairy wing repair shop
plucks out an offensive eye
to sleep more soundly in the sun's black spot.