Wayne Clements

After Stoppages


we gaze in the geography
to swot for typically
this is fate devastated
mud and the plants
stand for conversation

paralysed with coffee
through the shadowy lens
a film bad omen will
rush into your jaws

you are supposed to sweat glowing stillness
in the armchair you are already leaving
defective thoughts mug
on the table
blotch and frown opposite hillsides
poured away at the new regime

spring at the barrier moving sideways
pensively developed
or it appears

fat slack veins of greenery
the gestures sat above
melted into the bright blue format
a bunch of funeral splendour
moist homage accumulated in
inch by inch the centre

geniuses of air backward
wander into daylight fatherland
of pangs a hotchpotch of your
presence organised
like foliage nouns
of a great machine


curious midnight
pressure set equipment
veneer and infection
numbers on the bound anaesthetic into
rivers' fracture swollen
since blood revealed

sowing discoloured
concrete scorched of bas-relief
triangulating by the structure

cropped mountainside syndrome
of plaster rented
floor sunlight magnifying
stripe of flood

pus coloured entrance of
the pine tree bruises compelling
the theological feeling of
the river's roofless house of sizes

abnormally dead in the
ruins of theory
church craft was his breviary
shopping centre his parish

flash of fragments in the
section hillside a
local dust and the light


writing materials confess in
room common daylight cleared
     kodak views the ill-spelled south

authorities of the monster
supply his eye's miasma
opacity turned faint gaps
of place to crushable
silver brain matter
therapeutics' Jerusalem of
the currency ploughshare coffin lid

varnished wood thickening
the table to motionless bark
emotion's magnolia leaned from

shiny phantom
petalled in brain chemical
metal ranged
drug sugar in draughts
of packing stillness
chemists it to his mind

drapery tinged dryad
coiled within the wide song blood
in worm banding polluted ripple
mineral of her soft dissolve
ten fingers counting in the climate

convex he is a table
stripped statue agonist
head past revealing
steel over aspects
pylons capsized from ceilings

L'Age d'Or cease-fires in
era cardboard rest bristling drips
topography's retreating tints
grass zip backgrounds' gloss halo
furniture of the hummingbird stiffen
heat and gone


root crystals trodden lightly
mount scabby muzzle for heart's ease
parallel worm puncturing lard
pension to the heart