unable to remain
                                            I become other.
                                                          remains in the margins
                                                                         limitless: we
everything he is,                                                           everything he is not.

                                                                                        possesses the infinite:
                                                                                        limit escapes him.
                             substituting for the world
                                                                                        it is that distance,
                             makes this distance
                                                                                        the capacity to grasp
                                                                                                               to go to sleep.
              it vanishes, to justify itself
              the universe,
                                            everything at once,
                             divided into irreconcilable moments
                             urging him towards
                             embodied in literature: the passage
              there is nothing
                             everything has been
                                                          an intimacy to himself.
                                                                         death, so to speak:
                             it is in the disappearance
When the blade falls