And a football troupe
by his wife in a very soft and strong way
hanging well
blue school board
green a little bit
a little tie
of hers

french comedy
they are calling for and
crying little
but who cares a bit about it
                yellow doe
            wet blue skin
  happy dew
- some young women.

around a sculptured head of Molière
perhaps - you jet
didn't go, a red
tree is waiting
you to first lay
under it,
     in bed with some snow, gloom
,  and off you go at once
via Molière

in the novels
of artificial
style, frosty
cold lap
you sure have already met
- to a deep blue fairy
you owe that
(and a little child
is going someplace - it won't stop
when called
and on roof top little bird
already is crying as it knows /
it will not stop)
just a comfort I'm still looking for
in blue little letter  - - -