Strange Events in Somerset.

Near Cheddar: in mild weather, ripped from the dryer with force, a woman’s washing torn all across the rosebeds, June ‘84.

Not far from Exford: couple shocked large white dog.  Twice.  And again once.

By the fair dwellings of Nunney: someone’s shoulders: on/ the road/ to Frome.

South Cadbury: woman recalled old house in a field, and two people.

Wellington area, before the birth of the new astrographics: several witnesses reported sighting a hitch-hiker on the A38, including lorry driver HAROLD UNSWORTH, who picked him up more than once in 1946.

Somewhere in Somerset, 1887: a rushing then a roaring: noise in calm weather.

5000 empty baked bean cans, arranged like jade soldiers, Wiveliscombe