Road traffic accident    pushed spears of vegetable life toward the sea,    shades lead the young woman to the hotel lobby,   in metal or neon   in which she pursued her dream

Road traffic accident flicked this girls head     was that affected   it killed her   seemed she came back healed  but stripped to the waist    bones sing

Road traffic accident turned over the ambulance    spilled patients to the road where they crawled for miles seeking right medications   then it came to me, I was a tenement dweller

Road traffic accident made workers weep over the sports   dog tired   they eat and change  — wrap the pitch in red   say that's the world, we choose the foremost seat

Road traffic accident made the pubs boil with constipated rage   cloaca overtakes the sleeping brands, take radio-cabs, make catcalls, frost in autumn streets, fire from wet wood

Road traffic accident draws a magic sign around another semantic prick, quite unsatisfied by lust he goose the juju tree   four times more, a smasher, a wreck but by coincidence passing

Road traffic accident put pen V on the specks of paint the drunkard ate, grew lovely with fat little thighs but then slipped to melancholy, gut too great for dancing and that's what killed her

Road traffic accident made light bound off the tags that manufactured a car, named it, and pointed it abroad, but I am surrounded by music —  nobodies fault — I steal it from next door

Road traffic accident face grows pale and lets the simple interjection, 'eternity' repeated sound out of where it was written, but not where you landed, so to the bone, the anus, driver at stool

Road traffic accident lights candles to the disappeared, finger to those that just murdered,    squeak  little mouse the cat is         someone to put a hole in your other lung   something to let you breathe

Road traffic accident brought the Michael nations fresh to the supermarket offload, refrigerated     we later saved a few,       cross now to a squatter who's rolled in his lunch

Road traffic accident made the nervous child grow feathers like hair, neither one nor two, but one and two, a four chambered heart — two strong lagers —     fine till you stop

Road traffic accident carried Rosie to the redoubt to say goodbye — darling with a little toy or her red legs — is that someone's blood on your pinny — invisible — to guard

Road traffic accident exterminates preterite life    insects flowers, birds,   strips in the young trees for old  a haze of super clean air kersplash the mud   a flash of someone's change

Road traffic accident  fragrant blow   which'll take your foot off, aroused its denial, though with no perceptible taste or aftertaste    came on the face   of someone's picture    dead since the war

Road traffic accident smacks the foreign who ran to restraint, but knows how to behave        30 years back someone beat her up  she trots around now  security in attendance    teacher once again

Road traffic accident brought to execution all wordplay,  lucky chalk for nighttime when you are too tired to work  someone passing read the text  scratched her one pint two pint      all to quid 9

Road traffic accident made CGI tombs open up, made one think of remake space allocated but left unoccupied, yet one can hope      malaena runs over your white shoes       way-eh: the doc

Road traffic accident wet demons present themselves so to gain an empire of promises, harmonise that's all they do, how we detest what they stood for — skulking around   strumming their guitars

Road traffic accident slung the old man over his legs — like sparrows, house sparrows, sometime known (though rare)   English sparrows   bit like a chicken     thrown up in a sheet

Road traffic accident the bit part came back in another shape but this time to settle business   same character  —demonstrably—  or is it beauty  but this time an evil beauty, lost in quotations

Road traffic accident lay among the debris of all packets, felt the pelvis shift when  management wasn't ready, I know I'm going to die   no shit sherlock    made above her grade

Road traffic accident wakes up with the gang as  girl on the hospital trolley points out everyone she's going to damn, in multiples   or her voice only     wrists bound to the mast

Road traffic accident hands rip the soil where the flood waits and came,  lie there long enough and they'll take you home        earth's garden waits in anguish

Road traffic accident pulls left hand side of your body pulls length wards to make remonstrance with the right, plotline out of scout camp    —     1st camp where they actually pay the boys

Road traffic accident led to the empty space with a thin man stuck there, we look for reasons to search the ditch he lay: Saint Paul drunk at the bar sticking to his guns  last of the Plaistow whites

Road traffic accident the wretch's heart can only open up to heavens mercy, blood foams around the roots of her hair   'it's my world' says God 'I'll make you twice  —  plant as yr double'

Road traffic accident is the body made again, is it? in silver paper / or of wood, skidding to an equilibrium, often in shapes that seem familiar, made of water or derivations of water

Road traffic accident the car to be made as the ants you killed,  and fed the lawn, poor  children,                   ducks  dangerous forest  surround and depart    written here, this time as legend