bullet Academic? , not your fault?  gone hungry?  — slave ship alert then eat them
                    gravy,   KFC    in wooden cells

    if I was alive,
I'd get taken to the park
and watch the daffodils, watch the ducks, watch the red squirrels, the 3000 bears
— say to myself then, Doug, spirit of the dead Franciscans, I wish I were a TV guy

                   (points with decision )
 Larry?        digesting (how he put it) something shake digesting Larry? under the floor

train thru the strange heart of Ashford / bullets / but I'm back
   better now           ********* better
 no need for the doctor ( life in cheap European city —
            movie scenes — known all sense    known it was  steady

Fortune, I and the army of the undead have become as one, cohabitants, at
                                                                                                   the ghost of an abbey, friends —
fallen in with the antichrist set / collabots, all to thieve          four live languages for

            the master vampire interjects from his car   as on May day —
everything is connected in space — contiguous in history, but as for time, with all this immortality, lingering round the shops
                                how does that correspond to goods, its value accreted to the thing?
residential districts, what do Edwardian terraces really demonstrate — this 100 000 souls,
                                    hotel windows open to black skies

   questions of did you live?                vendors              merchants          daughters
                                              in the form of stones, you kick don't kick the Thames unto
      shallows / what quintessence leisure/ sacred bags / hit the traffic pacified,

                brackish to mill waters — light into flames — dead pool
                                      shades of wolves and bears conflate under a prefabricated roof
       gym, a modern gym, full equipped the modern gym

         wooden stake rebounds off half furnished house/ an image of contingency, perhaps
                                                                                   prices augment, germ and flower
                                                  bats eaten by slugs, then the slugs eat
                                                                                              the slug
                                          master in cab and then free
                            'thanks for nothing,           hedge captain
                       all we got left was some lawn
        some coca, some licks of coca, a rapport, orderly, a shock back to coherence lay
                                                                                                                       back the living thing

3 years in a hotel vault my veins popped with ancient lore, Tolkeiny runes we all understand, no napping
        negotiate the system clockwise, anticlockwise, travel resource in lapidary chunks
                                                        make advance
in plastic pants, medical opinion said go, come-back, let forth a volley of slows
                                                                                                           incomprehensible signs said stop

isomorphic ghosts in blood withdrawal no agency to take my side, no state, in spooky whistles barks and growls,
                       crawl round fake mansions looking for my zipper — o mass transit system — a decent grave

my career suffered after easter break, basically similar forms shipped out, harrowed to the easter soil, churned purgatory, to live always —
                                                 I took the blame by call
 master set up in the hotel ibis as one animal or another, torch of all Europe, as entity he was    /  /               /  /      a conversational stiff

no one cared for my needs,      my appraisals suffered, the casual work dried up,
 as a marked man crossed reeds  burned my throat, marshy sunlight
  made my legs twitch and ache.   No structure —
                      no sequential organisation of lights, long wait to be seated
                                                                                      all outa  sorts
                   couldn't even  get out the house to burn in the streets

look into the drains and irrigation ditches, polders which way the eels
                                                                                                                                  went their way
                              heated pool you can lie down, kestrel/hovers —  you don't eat at all
 dead little old ladies, tend towards a nominalism but that's on the outside of unsold rooms                                    changing rooms where everyone lies —   to the left master

                                                                                                     hotel ibis
supports red light, green light, green light on orange with rooms set aside for acts of waste
 abstracted sexuality,                  finger the grubs and what passes for poor,
                                       carrion an annex across Europe, another 80 rooms
beach calls, a preterite life, cafe workers prepare  japanese cars to mount them
                        calves slaughter in their gardens,
          but traffic mounts, lives on as displacement, energy in managed tones
                              colour lifts, sets down a couple of inches to the left — a ringing a rampage
                                                       the disembodied mutt of a master holds the line

(though down in three years)
The Hotel Ibis has just been built, Stratford's green fields crave restitution and sleep,
                         to capital pleasures international  return
                                              lick up granite red walls from industrial base, river hotted
                                                                                                 young workers
                                         Afghanis, Poles, Little Buddhas and Danes
                                                        to Britney flies in
for a shape to go shopping, another body to boil, murmuring of the poets, the ghouls

                                                she, hotel ibis, hides in a tarts room
                                                                  as she hid in mine, ah summer how she managed me
takes on her soul disgorges — comes twice/ eats everyone after the house to the streets/
                                and slugs     -
                      they come twice   as wolves hugs                when dead, green cellophane pelts
                                                slip through the lights, fixated to amber

            shroud money starts to stones/ stops to agglutinate around cells
quotation banner            drunk as English tourists  litter her crotch with unnecessary hair,  guide clippings           entreaties for food,   Britney's eyes drop out —  earthwards —
                                                      Jesus gently reanimates birds

                                                       o historic Stratford break yr shape even as you make it
you, locus of the ways, though the railway is just a ditch
                                                          icons come in droves to slag you off
                           dense orange granite    recovered to the riverain but — ah
                                                                                                          lithe as coots

sit up
                     continental traveler to your pills, keep keen, 'tween two electric plates that build your spires to cells and pots,   lay your
                                    facile streets — slip through the gates of death's army —
                                                                                                        and unwind

gym, modern gym, full equip the modern gym, gym, modern gym