Whitechapel Station - Empty Shell's

                /the seed               / said the grass
so the frozen ground said        here    this whisper
                               be   works of green

                     roll down the tenements,
rot these   hills                 oh mountains / news   / to qualify
 did I meet the devils  that I      measled with / o  flesh

gods wounds  /    everything is   /   grassy       /  or laid up  /   my bonce   /   reads tosh liquor   /  recalls the spiels  / led to
               holds on negro dams

                        cane liquor and  forms   maroon
      moves racket  -  light  bags  lights point
                          + the girlfriend  about
      - one profit from the soil alone  / then opened out to yards

                                the city and the
                                walls -  waits
                                its performance - apposite to
                                'friends' / exuding
                                sepulchre  / like is
                                the bat howling / aye  'king
                                trams penetrate - nipples to the war

                           not my city, nor ready to -
                           white achievement? / ?a sprite.
                           away the bells/to drown-ed sailors are -
                           for which nothing rhymes like mistaken

                           resemblance for cells (calls time though
                           and witnesses
                           meet to pause, beg
                           cement on Caesar's pulse, beg chicken
                           1.5 arms
                           veiled in the needs macadam needs

                 yet I were still with this wool hatted
                 drain  do developments and the fire within
                 the bricks   I ascend then with the projects
                 sticky weeds / clog music'z synthetic clothes

                 yet the building
                  1 stacked   on the stones
                 recreates itself - deeper, further, to it's ruin
                 left it a pirate- sidewalk + a blackened eye
                            / it's these. . .
          foreign types / eh avatar / their smokey fingers /
          these are the real artists / catholics maybe /
          their smells   point at something seen / suspected /
                         separating from its corner

                         equal halves make one pigeon
                         conceive of bacterium even
                         that tainted water
                         to force -  alive,
                         the pulp that made trees
                         that made the bible  / twice -
                     a hermit on two steamy legs
                     rides upon the pavement

                          crapulous - bust tuesday
                          the guilty name
              but not so you'd know  the demon's rocket -
              baggies     intersect at straws
              for coin,    in the wood - shaking
              picture of a world inverted
hooves stick up /  at snouts
and so on             etc.

     and everything is used
       even metal shelters /  paint
       if you get close enough