possession’s ownership discarded

no longer mild nostalgia replayed at bored will
the listening must wait for random radio schedule
or rare shared taste in complexity
an intellectual heat best held back unfed
to audience

no more only opened by my hand
pausing shallow tales retold
nor exploration of non-sequential centuries
libraries will help me roll speculation
the texture of someone else’s careful dream
ingested rewritten thrown

no rectangle again captured sight
no wild land linear geometry
no raw cultivation
no mechanical ecology
these i will revisit
creating sarcastic dimensional click shots
sneering this plodding nation’s dalek bigotry


absence won’t bloat must keep space
non-existence can’t yet be rip violate stolen

only never belonged
cause no duty


i would lie if i tried to deny
that releasing my collected objects of youth
does not edge doubt’s adrenalin
does not discomfort otherwise unminded moments

but i commit
i sacrifice property’s toil
to make


i didn’t expect a sign

after unclasping the first grasp
a stranger a strange bar a strange city
he spoke to me

i rarely chat but this time i did
and found an ordinary old man rhymer
proud of his ordinary lines
clasping his love for a heroin fuckwit
she’s his siren
she’s spending his blood

perhaps he spoke a novel’s plot
to impress
for he was no anger

but he has gifted me


i’m tense discorded
on abandon past

i cannot fund these claspings
i cannot hold the stressing

favoured farmyard animals
corralled to the slaughterhouse


i am this week’s

dare i discard work
when more is risk

but i am discarding
all my its are burning

i dare discard work
when more is risk

all the glisted conmen
can drink the piss they proud


smash the door glass
watch the shatter
thread the hooligan chain

the old steel wistful
flies young again
to corrupted heaps
piled long away

a callous day


relocate by rip and fall
absolute assurance reliable as luck

destination a plain town

where common are the happy clappy
reciters of hand-me-down hate