Pre-dawn access

To or towards a remote-controlled body of hope turning the comer. Eyes lie in wait because toffee, chocolate and ice cream are best globally funded: banks doubled back to back. No doubt, guarding the fence makes a cordless hedgetrimmer superfluous, but be as pale and floaty as if dressed for dawn. Postponed will do. Sanguine songs roll the horizon back. Tulips, fanned open by lightly pleated desires, serve as directional stems to body-moulded and copy-shouldered piano tuners. Pearl inserts clasp perhaps. Be around when the sun is about to serve up a dialogue between now and for ever. Pardon me equals a round table foot to bill a point of no return. Burnt shavings of thigh high blends stir the records and blur the rewards from wetted lips to betted hips. Some as sure as print, others as make-overs in late October.