taste bitterness
falling and rising

a broken current
of bile
swilling the palette

spirit recoding
in shallows
light receding unequivocally

no cover
like words can mean
as politicians fabricate

as air poses
surface tension
to apply
where we float
in a line

between principles
and ignorance

between social rhetoric
and pleasurable banter

between neat formalities

and fucking bureaucratic
recidivist calamities

the cathartic meridian
between self
and social infrastructures

the sun goes
the sky is empty
the murmuring of lives
in ensuing silence

how each takes
from the other

delivers back
a simplified version

cold dark insect purring night

the remote clicking
of precious chips
that scream our names

dreams of random process
that mumble derisively

cold night
cleansed in salt

we are numbers, ciphers

we live in the guest rooms
of technology
incarcerated behind
gleaming facades

we are dying
in a humming stillness

cold dark night
of brilliant numbers
star clusters
bleak holes in the imaginations
of our saviors

souls who
broadcast endless wishes

last moments
final cease

last moments hint
of immortality

last fragments
of sound

a breath expressing
what the ear fails to identify

a fragment
of exquisite song

a morsel of hope

of endless thought

of endless hope

of endless