pocket watch

your grandfather
'called the story
of how we met;

never forgetting,
certain, fixed details.

minors . . .
at college; while still
in our press experience.

caught him . . .
on vhs cassette, telling

another from his long-
winded indian folklore;

others do not go, so
fully, to particulars;

though many
won't know.
. . . moony

old man, who was
swiss as cheese; no,
scandinavian; & pied.
ahead for the mission,
which touched

then, spied
it up; but, only

ate corners off
the livid and dead.

which pale
nation can't
fund an ancient program;
stranding all colonies
that haven't yet
been manned?

these lithe blondes;
surrogate earth delegates

recreated fat—
at scenes familiar,

as crimes; lines
drawn to floors
bodies in each slip.

lips . . .
running . . .
like weak blood.