The Big Bad

scared token girlfriend     a big fat whole thing to death     it's a good collection of all the moments we're going to keep rewatching when it comes out on DVD     talking doesn't cook my juices at all     it's a metaphor for false consciousness, you know     I'm turned on total war     let's transport the battles     a whole range of widely differing demons     the day began with a train, continued with the plague     the cocoa bean misplaces his own head     people haven't been as happy this year     I hear that every year     he's over Buffy beauty     cool again to be a spaceman     lots of dark themes throughout the rough     undo jacket a bit more: tits and teeth     our friend happy sausage     currently it's all in-house     you are an animator     the New Gods species ranches     pen the script which plays the monster     terrible things experienced as a child     a tiny bit has been revealed

the next one according to George     be the Big Bad Universe     I'm seriously starting to go burning     his biggest crime was a kind of barking chuckle     angry close     God now savouring Her new-found status as a zombie     come visit me over the summer     Invaders For Peace     as a result, the moon was sliced in half     we live in here, writing secrets to the same interrogation

at last she could bear it no longer     happy frowns in the abandoned     if you like, why not try?     out his breath and swallowed his stomach     he's the lighter brush     watch from a safe distance     obscenely embroidered windows

images bore leaves     a gibbet riding through broad, unfamiliar streets     the breakfast and coffee left hunger     she shined the leather though it didn't tell her tales     every night her diligence flew     the cross she wore, from some blow to the head     seemed to reveal some new truth

it's got no lyrics     hot and hair     cardiac arrest germs his immune system     life in a body bag — an interesting thought he says     look out for new me     possibilities endless     so, she glows     WARMONGER NIGHTDRESS     reading the sleep     contact us today, actually be seen with     remember to tick the relevant terror