hey presto

front of the line method you are called
and are forsaken
ring those chimes

hey you there are those things
don't count
if not those don't count
that do

the lesser of those evils put behind those scenes
fairly screams at this kind of disenchantment

but the myth remains as potent are foretold are things
meseeming altogether differently
than the things are
out front

the great things
are not foretold
save in history

the counts are along the line feeling and temperament
could devise to serve the purpose
one two and so forth
and so on

hoardings state the very new of affairs
for all to see

the very drywall stuccoed subliminally rose and powdered milk
and cares sustained at the manufacture of the edifice
symbolize as anything else as much

not the same thing as much as to say the legate flies in
to the far city for a quick look-see
and that's the extent of it