Mangroves are soused
In Kulak spirits.

                     Ice melts.

Persuading seasons dilute pasts
Absorbing the roots of chanterelles.

There are cliff edged dusks
That do not bottom out.

Jean-Claude tests the magnesium
Of the splashing stream.

The snowplough brakes
On the upcast path
Sodden as moonlight.

Close-set again
Ivan and Jean-Claude arrive at the park
For impressionable afternoons,
Regimenting memory.

The brilliant waft
Of twenty complimenting shades of green.

The peak
Wordy on Tolstoy,
A shabby lore
Under Jean-Claude’s arm.

And the surge over rock
Grabbing time,
Impelling it on.

Scampering rats
A flying squirrel
The croak of ruddy ducks
In a wood
Layered rough
With mossy bark.