the expansion chamber

(1) it must be of a small size to fit inside the coil;
(2) it must be designed in such a way as to make use of the whole space inside the coil;
(3) it must be without metal parts, because strong currents would be induced in the metal
       which would produce disrupting forces and cause heating up of the chamber.

         in fact never existed in stable form.
it takes time to stare like that, naming each of time’s strictures —
balustrade, loggia, louvre, piloti
& the history of this effort
is what the poet must offer to his customers.
telegraphies of winter
perched, and shooing off the tide, &c. &c.
above the whiteheat noise
rise 726.4ft of dam.
4.36 million yards of concrete
block out that noise.
in answer to the stepped grey of the dam
the sun gives off clouds,
inverse bodies. & not so much
local vapour, as vapour rendered
locally visible
                              no she is inside
                              a cloud chamber
they are α-rays,
into the sea and the clouds.
brilliant tracks, lines you do not cross.
& ripped the waves
uncomprehending, pierced by the glassine eye,
the eye’s yard, a projection into water.
what is the sea? it is the second postulate.
in the sea all cruelties are meted out
with complete discrimination.
it must also be a sonnet —
these are its tricks of perception.
curvature is another, the loss of energy
of a single atom moving through matter.
we are aligned perfectly
with its process of disappearance,
& at its most potent then