arseholes of a scapegoat radiant with man suns apocalypses
energy quotients of a notorious salient
freak sideshows in contempt of wretched prey
and all the other hammerings of a pointe
sun august shadow sandals flight of time from my age
long term scandals such as the flight of swallows at dusk
short term ones such matricide with the loosest of grips round the throat
such trouvailles as one can scrape from the bucket
ludicrous rucksacks lederhosen in hunting green sticks of adidas
and all the other supreme brands of cuntwire
smegma on chatshows spleen in petrol station drive bys
fire-ridden grannies with curls in their step
'and all the other symptoms of mental illness'

total contempt calling to all planetary outriders
venus neptune saturn pluto dike
mustard seeds in the gas
elephant tusks in the junkyard
all the other forgotten heroes of memory
junkyard of the absolute quiver of my arrow
ancient of nylons fabled decrees of sugar
coronation of a prime scrounger in the gulleys of bureaucracy
whiplashed by the zephyr the hordes continue down
in microbundles fascine aura threads
connectivity of the tissue bundle of dams
every little thing is directed
by the tigers of sloth hermetics of greed
bundles of souls trussed up in heaven's inquisition
into who stuffed the burning rag into the viet letterbox

of the lumpenproletariat exactly
for some brief time the magus no more
therefore in action to be avoided
the priscilla of his cock end bids you defer
debt forgiveness for duties rendered to mankind
'the guy's unreal'
so that anyway and in forfend
of blazing copper in eyes of a stationed whore
we take the action that consists in taking no action
very sceptical in essence as to the worth of the fight
with bare knuckles naked eyes unsheathed coppers
let me cleanse your pain with my love
grafted onto the topological tree of your arboreal blood circulation
the mayhem of my cancer, the woe of my race of bastards
and all the other coigns of a pitiless guilt
murderers' heirs buckets of dynamite in the heirloom
of code furniture for the byte capacity of your computer
anyway unwanted trash in the can of your time
boolean logic in your diatribe

heron over glenamurra river (forgotten it's name)
he broke the bread with his early years
planting the potato seeds in the hoed lawn
and other outings into company
the windscreen wiper stuck or a sparrow snagged in its rubber
automated prophecy in a street name; example: derida road
half nelson on word play in intuition's attic
signalsman wrenching the destination into a polymorphic field
and so on my brothers who only exist in the concept of a name
wreaking destruction on the glue the RI mistress gave them
out of spite turning down the volume on his Atlanta signal
or otherwise endangering the balance of excess
machines have taken over the universe their prescription: empathy
transcendent wireless popes of another brigade of the mafia
'exorcise all strange ghosts of another thief'
crutches prams broken dandelions tower blocks strewn
through the contours of my brain mappings consultant
occult transpirer of a non-existent spirit

feral disturbed eye schizophrenic signal patterns
semiotic of worsted thumbed with grease
mop buckets serried like christian soldiers
inside the cafe bob marley token
poster of a fiend wanted in germany 1975 on terrorist charges
grass sedge heath that time the railway windmill
walking into that jump cut in the lee of a bunker
signalling christlight into children's eyes
you who could never tell a nonce
mathematics lessons notwithstanding
ambulance skip of lorry simulacrum
standing guard outside your frame of choice
lighthouse keeper of a chained destiny
with my codes of violence yoked into fruition
black cancers virulent aids profligate epidemics grow in my pen

negroes spiritualists schizophrenics thalidomide cripples
conjoin in the utterance of my accursed pilgrimage
through the foothills of the Carpatians
of a brochure kindly loaned me by a loan shark reading revelations
(excuse the rhyme) so that the bulk cancer blue in light of the city of the wretched
be built on the scores of another yonder
that is in time

because the filth of this august destiny does not contain me
because the honour of my enemy does not bind me
but rather the curtailment of damage through vampire measures (necessary i'm sure)
leads me into a state of increasing entropy (rhyme concealed)
where i can bathe my wounds in the wash of newsprint
savouring in my noble decay
the betrayal of a dream shattered into psychosis
its fragments pinned to the cork wallboard in your (my) living room
i forget
so that authority for responsible measures be assigned to self
mirroring self in the cartesian wheel of your (my) epsilon
(leave him alone says the master of font parenthesis)

the statue of liberty has just given birth to a lovely black baby boy
through the arc de triomphe the germans goose-step
berlin wrecked caved in bombed out by the russians
the baby looks down treachery in his eye
supernovae illuminate the figures from wall street
in your apartment block you sidle sniffing intruder
along the balcony round by the canal
tents set up in all major london parks
signals strewn along occult lines of force
down the pavement scored into the bark of a tree
they're closing in gently making no fuss
logistics absolute mine are in rhizome grammar