I seek the finthin slit-in the immense
scarification edge stigmatted upon
you like a mutated birth scar
strung glamorous and
pearly between
precum drops
firsted before
fist and twist: I
leaking the fingercarve
movement deft and sure-of-self
rim linked south from shoulder border
west to recommence a graphite rose bluemadder
wander-touch zenned for y/our
nether blubber then-scratch: I
slaughter tendrilly splays
cockchafey sudden
bloom anchors: a
tattoo-taste spit
lunges my
mouthway: I
bite y/our dermis-splint buff
feel-permeable covering away. Flense
and y/our denizened sweetcells
from written to
truffle come
flake to my
tongue-flay, leached ache-scum
to jaw could not have
gone more meat