my scather in the sapwood: I
tear my pissbasque on
hornbeam pricks: t/his
tumbledung click reminds
scumber jacks scatter along y/our
fuckwish lines after: my foot
falls: I stall to spittle binds
more: starborn stallage
eft my knee voids
flattened by scabfeud
rewelled by meloid rub-burn spoils
foiled the: night wants you in me: I
puer in the fevertree shadow: I
empty me of
matter for our rectal
stecoraceous hallow spree
gutteral against incense cedars
breadfruits shagbarks slitherleaf trees
swallows silenced as if by a neverdawn swear: forever
and more whatever is mine is yours a
shudder scream-promise follows a
slippery elm trumps its boilulcer
glutinsinuous grueltrunk
splinter balm and: I
am breast-hurt,
lopped in y/our